Resolutions and Minutes Database

An online directory of all resolutions and minutes. Allows Board members and the general public to search the database, and track the development of specific topics of interest.

Community Boards are required to maintain a record of meeting minutes and resolutions. Several boards publish them on their website, some don’t. The documents are usually posted in chronological order. But what if someone is looking for resolutions about a specific topic? They probably don’t remember the exact dates when meetings were held.

An online directory, consolidating these documents, would allow Board members and locals to easily search for topics they are interested in. The resolutions and minutes database does not exist yet, but could be useful. Here are some examples for useful potential searches:

  • Find all the resolutions related to a rezoning project.
  • Find all meeting minutes related to bike lanes.
  • Resolutions reflect how the board voted on different topics. Find all past votes related to parks in your neighborhood.

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