Online Surveys

Collecting input about a specific issue or project through a survey website. Assists Community Boards in getting feedback from more people.

With online surveys, Community Boards can ask questions about a project and share the survey’s link on their website or newsletter. The results are documented directly into a spreadsheet, making it easier to analyze them. The online component means reaching more people, compared to a paper survey. Below are some examples of how online surveys can be useful for Boards.

  • Online surveys can assist Community Boards in simplifying the budget process. Boards determine local budget priorities and submit the District Needs Statement. Using simple online surveys will assist them in prioritizing budget needs, based on direct feedback from the community.
  • Boards can ask residents to express their needs and wants for a geographic area. For example, Brooklyn Community Board 3 surveyed residents in Bed-Stuy, asking them to express their vision for new uses of vacant lots.

Available online survey tools include Google Forms and SurveyMonkey.

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