Online Forums

An online discussion space, where Community Boards can gather ideas and prioritize issues in collaboration with the public.

Online forums can assist in creating a broader and more inclusive discussion. Residents can participate in a discussion of a topic they are interested in at their own pace. New information and links can also be incorporated to help residents locate pertinent information.

Community Boards can manage the discussion and hear from more people. Board topics can be created to facilitate the direction of discussion and help residents locate where their input is must suitable.  They can have moderators monitor content on the forum to make sure the board is free of spam and unrelated material. Forums can be created as a part of a Community Board website or hosted on another website.

For example, a member of Manhattan Community Board 3 and Community Board 11’s District Manager expressed interest in using online forums to discuss special projects. Manhattan Community Board 3 uses Google groups to gather ideas related to sanitary conditions near Tompkins Square Park.

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