New Application Mapping Tool

A tool to map neighborhood conditions in proximity to new applications.

To review applications for land use changes in the district (e.g., ULURP applications, state liquor licenses, landmark reviews, and zoning changes), Boards need information on what is currently built, and what is proposed.

This mapping tool will provide Boards with everything they need to know about the physical context of a new application. It will use available data such as land use designations, 311 service requests etc.

Manhattan Community Board 1’s Director of Planning and Land Use provides specific examples:

  • Show on a base map of the community district the block and lot (or Street Address) of a building for which an application has been filed (e.g. zoning action, liquor license, sidewalk café, newsstand, landmark designation or alteration).
  • Show all existing liquor licenses and sidewalk cafes within 500 feet of a proposed new liquor license.

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