Local Org Directory

A citywide directory of local organizations. The directory will assist Community Boards in expanding their outreach.

A geographic or issue based list and map of local organizations. The directory does not exist yet but could be useful. Information can be added and edited by the organizations themselves, and Boards can help maintain it. Currently, Boards already keep lists of local organizations. But these lists are hard to maintain and are difficult to search. Some Boards share these lists on their website. For example, Manhattan Community Board 7 has a list of block associations and CBOs on their resources page.

Boards will explore the local org directory by topic or by map. For example, to find all affordable housing organizations. Or to find all local organizations or stakeholders in a specific neighborhood. The directory and the different search options will help Boards conduct efficient outreach.

The NYC Civic Database is an online database of civic organizations and community-based groups throughout the city, compiled by the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit. For an example of a geographic and issue based directory, see citygroups.org.

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