Available Data Directory

A roundup of useful data sources and mapping tools.

A web page listing all the available planning resources, focusing on those useful for Community Boards.┬áSeveral City agencies provide public data and mapping tools. These existing resources could be useful for Community Boards, with their work related to land use applications and long-term projects. However, if Boards don’t know about these resources, there is no easy way to find them.

Knowing what’s available would make it easier for Boards to access these tools and use them. Below are some examples of useful databases and mapping tools to include in an available data directory.

  • Department of Buildings: Buildings Information System. For example, when reviewing new applications, Boards can use this database to find information about the buildings nearby.
  • Department of City Planning: ZoLa. For example, when working on long-term planning projects, Boards can use this mapping tool to find zoning districts and land use designations.
  • NYC Department of Transportation: interactive map. For example, when reviewing the installation of new bike lanes, Boards can use this map to find existing bike lanes and racks.
  • Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications: NYCityMap. For example, when reviewing a liquor license application, Boards can use this map to find schools nearby.
An available data directory does not exist yet, but could be useful.


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