311 Dashboard

An online tool displaying a roundup of all 311 related information. District Managers can use it to monitor service requests and explore trends.

Similar to a car’s dashboard, an online dashboard is a user interface that organizes and presents information in a way that is easy to read. A 311 dashboard does not exist yet in NYC, but could be useful, especially for District Managers. It will display all 311 information at a glance, including a summary of service requests, interactive maps, and charts. District Managers will use the 311 dashboard to guide their work, identify trends, and present information to the Board.

Here are some examples of community data sites and dashboards. The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has a dashboard for neighborhood health statistics. The Department of City Planning has a Community Data Portal for each district, displaying an overview of the district profile, projects and data resources.

311 Labs developed The Daily Brief to provide a snapshot of 311 requests. Users can explore and filter requests by neighborhood, service name, and status. It is currently available in Boston, MA; Baltimore, MD; and Bloomington, IN. The 311 Dashboard is expected to arrive in Fall 2012.


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