Interview Questions

  1. Data, Outreach and Communications

Thinking about a specific project or issue the Community Board has been working on, how does the Community Board communicate with the public ?

      • How does the Community Board share information with the public?
      • How does the Community Board gather information from the public?
      • What is the Community Board’s role in promoting community initiatives?
    • How do you collect data about specific issues?
    • 311
      • How do you receive 311 data?
      • How do you use it?
  1. Challenges, Needs and Tools
    • What are the three biggest challenges the Community Board faces in regards to public participation and outreach?
    • What does the Community Board need in order to overcome these challenges?
    • Tools: what top ideas do you have for increasing the quantity and quality of public participation?
  1. Meetings
    • How do you publish meetings related info (pre-meeting and post-meeting)?
    • How could meetings be more time-efficient?
  1. More Outreach and Communications
    • How does the Community Board communicate with City agencies?
    • How does the Community Board communicate with other Community Boards?
  1. More Data
    • How do you archive minutes and resolutions?
    • How do you track / search specific issues?
  1. Membership
    • How do you manage your membership base?
    • How do you expand your membership base?
  1. General comments and thoughts