A lack of public awareness of Community Boards and their work is a major challenge.

Lack of familiarity with Community Boards shows up in several ways. Most basically, the public does not know that Community Boards exist or what they do. Locals don’t understand how Boards operate or the process for community engagement, and are unfamiliar with planning jargon. In addition, many New Yorkers are not aware of the tasks the Boards are legally mandated to do  – participate in the City’s budget process, render opinion on all applications for land use changes in the district, and monitor delivery of services.

We asked, what are the biggest challenges the Community Board faces in regards to public participation and outreach. Here are some answers:

Most people don’t know what a Community Board is or what it does” (Bronx Community Board 7 District Manager, Brooklyn Community Board 7 District Manager, Brooklyn Community Board 16 District Manager)

People don’t know about the Community Board and its structure” (Queens Community Board 1 District Manager)

Residents and workers don’t know what the Community Board does or that it exists” (Manhattan Community Board 1 Community Liaison)

The tools below can help improve public awareness of Community Boards.