Targeted Outreach

Community Boards need to identify and expand their local network for targeted outreach.

Every Community Board is involved in a variety of projects, ranging in scope, location, and topic. To avoid reaching out to everyone all the time, boards want to identify relevant residents and organizations to contact about specific issues or locations.

For example,

  • a member of Manhattan Community Board 5 was interested in expanding the Board’s outreach around parking regulations in the Garment District. The Board didn’t have information about businesses and organizations in the specific area they were reviewing.
  • when reviewing the incorporation of bike lanes in East Harlem, Manhattan Community Board 11’s District Manager wanted to identify stakeholders who would be interested in commenting on the project.
  • when dealing with conflict resolution, a member of Manhattan Community Board 1 is interested in identifying the relevant parties and interests.

Here are some examples of tools that can assist Boards in identifying relevant stakeholders in the community.