Data Collection and Analysis

Community Boards need data for their ongoing tasks, ranging from municipal service complaints to ULURP applications and other long-term projects.

The Boards’ three core missions require different kinds of data.

To participate in the City’s budget process, Boards need to know the types of projects for which City agencies are requesting funding.

To review applications for land use changes in the district (e.g., ULURP applications, state liquor licenses, landmark reviews, and zoning changes), Boards need information on what is currently built, and what is proposed.

To monitor the delivery of services, Boards need to be familiar with the current situation on the street, and the situation expected.

How do Community Boards currently collect data? How do they analyze it? What can be done differently?

Efficient and targeted data collection will enable Community Boards to better understand the community’s needs and aspirations. High quality data can empower Community Boards to self-initiate planning projects in their community.