How can technology empower Community Boards?

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I want more people to know about my Board and what we do.
I want to share information and updates with the public.
I want to add more people to the Board’s mailing list.
I want to identify stakeholders in the community.
I want to learn from other Boards’ experience.
I want to gather information from the public.
I want to strengthen my network of local organizations.
I want more people to attend the Board’s public meetings.
I want to make meetings more efficient.
I want to find professional resources for data collection and analysis.
I want to improve the Board’s response to land use applications.
I want to collect data for a long-term planning project.
I want to collect data about the physical conditions in my district.
I want to identify topics of interest and concern in my community.
I want to easily access 311 data.

About this website

Community Boards in NYC can make better use of technology to gather feedback, investigate issues and sustain dialogue. This website explores some of the challenges faced by Community Boards, and suggests existing and new solutions.

The intended audience is board staff and members, engaged citizens, and people thinking about technology for civic engagement. The ideas presented on the website come from a series of interviews with board members and staff across NYC. Read about the background and research process.

How to use this website

If you’re associated with a Community Board, explore the challenges you share with other Boards and learn about existing and new solutions.

If you’re interested in online tools, start by exploring the A-Z of tools.

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